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Customer success consulting services

I help you to deliver high valuable outcomes throughout the entire customer success journey. All plans include monthly performance reviews and continuous refinement.

Basic Plan

Drive highly valuable demand with a powerful customer success narrative.


Business Analytics

We will start the process with determining the status quo with answering a predefined set of questions.

  • What customer problems exist in your market?
  • Which are important and urgent?
  • What trends are erupting and shaping your market?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What problems do they solve exceptionally well?
  • What customer problems does your product solve exceptionally well?
  • Which are the most valuable?
  • The results serve as our zero hypothesis


  • Why do your customers actually buy your product?
  • Who are your most valuable customers?
  • How much value do they receive from your product?


Market Segmentation

With the results from the business analytics we can identify and profile your ideal customers with a reverse-engineering approach. The ideal customer is defined as the owner of a valuable problem your product solves exceptionally well.


New Market Category

We will translate your product into a method. The method will outline how you are solving your customers problems in a new and better way and differentiate you from the competition. And the new market category will be named after it.


Customer value messaging

Based on the ideal customer profile and the new market category we will create and communicate the unique value you are offering to your customers. Further requirements are clearly defining who the product is for and who it is not as well as outlining how your customers business will transform.

Advanced Plan

Deliver high value outcomes throughout the whole customer journey.


Customer success roadmaps

We will identify and define every stage of the customer success journey from first value to excellency. The customer success roadmap will also include the skills and knowledge that are required to reach the next stage.


Advanced customer segmentation

Refinement of the customer profiles based on their skills, experience and performance. We will identify the gaps that need to be closed to reach the next stage of the customer success journey.


Customized Playbooks

Based on the customer succes roadmaps and the advanced segmentation we will create customized playbooks tailored for specific needs. These playbooks will contain a mix of standardized content and individual training and advisory services.

Premium Plan

Scale your growth with customer success monetization.


Customer success metrics

We will identify how your customers measure success and implement a shared metrics system. The metrics may be of both quantitative and qualitative nature.




Value-based pricing model

With the intelligence from the customer success metrics and customer relationships we can determine how much value your customers get from your product. We will implement a new pricing model accordingly. 


Expansion strategy

Create upselling paths based on value metrics. We will design your plans for the entire customer journey. When your customers grow, you will grow.


Product Roadmap

The customer intelligence will be further leveraged to identify new features that add more value. Everything else will be redundant. The product price will be raised accordingly.

Grow faster and more profitable with customer success controlling