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Build a relentless growth engine

The Customer Success Creator Program gives your team everything

they need to deliver, grow and monetize customer value. 

I’ve helped CSMs and CS leaders at these companies to unlock their full potential

Being a customer success manager
is hard right now. Super hard.

  • Your customers are looking to reduce their expenses. Their CFOs are carefully evaluating the ROI they get from your product. Their expectations have never been higher.  
  • CS teams got their budgets cut and suffer from layoffs. They are forced to do “more with less” and don’t know how. Alignment on customer success is still a distant dream. 
  • For a decade CS teams been wired to prioritize convenience and scalability. Now they are forced to go from defense to offense and don’t know how.   

How can you adapt to the new reality?

  • Internal training is a very effective method to boost your team’s performance. But who has the required skills and knowledge?
  • The content you find about customer success is really poor. Besides, there’s nothing new because everybody copies the same generic stuff from everybody. 
  • The courses you’ll find are will teach you all the same outdated things. Your customers don’t care about how many certificates you have. 

What you need is a program that helps
you deliver results accurately and repeatedly

Because doing the same things over and over again won’t create different results. CS teams need to get out of the comfort zone of being busy and doing “stuff”. 

Customer Outcomes

Revenue Impact

Built for Impact

After completing the program you’ll be able to

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Here's the whole program

3 action-packed 90min sessions that help you build the foundation for success 

  • Identifying and measuring customer value
  • Understanding customer problems and needs
  • Effective customer segmentation
  • Customer onboarding
  • Building dedicated customer programs
  • Scaling services and inputs
  • How to become a trusted advisor
  • Managing different stakeholders
  • Re-engaging and recovering
  • Conducting difficult conversations
  • Running effective QBRs
  • Understanding why customers churn
  • Measuring CSM performance
  • Optimizing the customer portfolio
  • Effective customer feedback
  • Identifying your ideal customer

What Alumni's say

Great starter course, that covered the basics. I was surprised how much can be covered within 1.5h. Markus is super knowledgeable and to the point. Always kind and willing to answer all questions. It was a great refresher for me and I'm looking forward to the next workshops.
I've been following Markus for a while on LinkedIn because of the valuable tips and tricks he shares about Customer success. When I saw he was launching a masterclass for a small group of people I decided to sign up. The first masterclass was already very valuable and I am definitely looking forward to the next 2 masterclasses.
I loved the way the meetings were laid out, where the general flow of information was easy to transition from one topic to the other & the key takeaways at the end were true recaps w/o just copy/pasting what was already said. Thanks so much for the opportunity to get 'back to the basics'

Who is the Program for?

The program is designed for CSMs who don’t want to be stuck in reactive work any longer and waste their time and talent. 

Fit vs no fit

Ready to grow?

Need custom training?

Let’s connect and talk about your individual challenges

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