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Customer Value Led Growth

You can acquire a customer only once. But you can grow them into 10x their initial size. For a fracture of the costs. That’s how scalable growth works.

Step I:

Framework 9

Customer Data Assessment & Analytics

Make decisions and drive action based on actual customer insights.

Determine customer profitability

Not all of your customers add value to your business. Find out who is delivering profits and who is costing you money. 

Understand your customers deeply

Create a 360° view of the end-to-end customer journey. Uncover their goals, problems, success metrics, and behavior.

Demystify churn

Understand why profitable customers are leaving. Plug the leaky bucket based on insights and stop treating the symptoms with expensive measures over and over.

Step II:

Create valid Ideal Customer Profiles

Reverse-engineer your ICPs from your existing customer base. Find out what your most profitable and successful customers have in common. 

Set accurate expectations

Determine the outcomes your existing customers already achieve. If you are overselling your product you will pay with churn and reputation losses. 

Framework 4

New customer acquisition

Get in front of high-quality leads more often and more better deals.

Step III:

Framework 2

Customer Success Program

Help your customers achieved their desired outcomes fast, accurate and repeatable.

Bridge the gap

Deconstruct the customer journey into milestones, problems, tasks, learnings and inputs. Segment your customers accordingly and build customized success paths. 

Build your service matrix

Transform the learnings your customers need into education and training material. Experiment with various formats like webinars, group training or communities

Get meaningful feedback

Engage with your customers and ask open questions about their progress. Improve your success program by understanding what works, what does not, and why. 

Step IV:

Assess your service quality

Evaluate the effectiveness of your services by their ability to help achieve their desired outcomes. Break it down and extend your analysis to all your services and inputs. 

Quantify your revenue impact

Create a monthly report that outlines how your performance correlates with renewals, expansions, upsells and referrals.

Determine the ROI

Put the revenue in comparison with the costs of creating customer value. Your goal is to achieve an LTV to CAC ratio of 10:1.

Framework 3

Performance measurement

Understand where you excel, where you are behind and how it affects your cash flow.


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