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The customer-Value-Led-Growth Framework

Framework 9

Customer & Churn Analytics

The first step to building a customer-centric SaaS business is to get a 360° customer view. We will create customer profiles including CRM data, financials, feedback, feature requests, service tickets and customer success data to segment your existing and churned customers.


We build a single customer success narrative based on your most successful customers' outcomes.It will give potential clients a clear value perception and create alignment among all your teams on what has to be delivered. Conversion rates will increase while churn goes down.

Framework 4

Ideal Customer Profile

Customer success depends with having the right customers on board to begin with. We reverse-engineer your Ideal Customer Profiles right from your most successful and valuable customers. Leading to higher initial ACVs, lower CAC and churn.

Framework 2

Customer Success Process

We map out your customer's path from the onboarding to the promised land. With performance-based milestones, tasks to complete and inputs to be delivered. We create modules that can be recombined and rearranged to tailor the process to every customer's needs.

Framework 1

Customer Success Program

Taking your customers to the promised land requires a mix of education-, training- and advisory services. We define the scope, format and content of all inputs for each variation of the customer success journey. With a focus in digestibility, usability and quality.

Framework 3

Customer Success Metrics

Contrary to what most SaaS companies do we will measure customer success with real customer success metrics - increased revenue, reduced costs or improved productivity. Additionally we will evaluate your process performance regarding time, costs and the quality of outcomes.

Customer Feedback

The way SaaS companies approach customer feedback is broken. They rely on generic surveys who none wants to fill out and superficial customer reviews with zero insights. We find out what your customers really think about your liaison and which new features add value to your product.

Value-based pricing

We implement a dynamic pricing model that allows you to grow with your customer. It consists of a quantity component like contacts, leads or social media posts to optimize upselling and a qualitative part that reflects the value your customers get for a single unit.

Continuous Improvement

The Customer-Value-Led-Growth business model will grow stronger in time. We review the business results and customer feedback monthly to refine our strategy and optimize the value for your customers and their LTV in return.

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